• Malaysia set to choose WESPAC-2017 team on the 12th and 13th of August, 2017!
  • Team India to play their last qualifier in May. Team will be named in June!
  • Team New Zealand to formulate a team to the WESPAC – 2017 in 5 weeks time
  • The North America (US and Canada) to have more info on their teams by 31st May.
  • India’s qualifying criteria for the WESPAC – 2017 
  • Thailand’s 3(Gerry Carter,Akkrapol Kwansak,Thacha Koowirat)already qualified. 6 remaining. Who are they gonna be?
  • The Philippine qualifying games for WESPAC-2017 are scheduled on May 13-14.

#TeamKenya vs. the rest in #WESPAC2017. DO NOT miss the touristic spectacle Kenya offers!

#TeamKenya being presented the team no. 1 shield in the recently ended #ECASA2017

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