Events Calendar


WESPAC 2017 CALENDAR OF EVENTS (6th -12th November)

  • Monday 6th Nov: Youth coaching clinic & Physical registration for Last Chance Quaifier
  • Tuesday 7th Nov: Last Chance qualifier & registration for Main event
  • Wednesday 8th Nov: Day one of Championship & Nairobi international warm up (8 games)
  • Thursday 9th Nov: Championship Game 9-16, Kenya International open Game 1-8 Nairobi International youth open game 1-7
  • Friday 10th Nov: Championship game 17-24, Kenya International open game 9-16, Nairobi international youth open game 8-14; After games: 6.30pm WESPA BIENNIAL GENERAL MEETING
  • Saturday 11th Nov: Championship game 25-32, Kenya International Open game 17-24, Nairobi International youth open game 15-21
  • Sunday 12th Nov: Championship finals game 1-7, Nairobi international open game 1-8, Presentations